Autumn Garden

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Outfit in the style of the 18th century for Tonner dolls 16″ (standart body).
The bodice dress Robe à la française is lined in beige. The bodice of the upper dress is fastened with hooks in the front.
The skirt consists of a panier, a petticoat, and a skirt. The entire structure is tied with ribbons at the back.
Mitts with hand embroidery, lined with beige color.
Materials: cotton made in the USA (Maywood collection “Sophia”, Coonawarra Red), white cotton, beige cotton, embroidery on cotton, mesh, knitted fabric, velvet, nylon lace (two types), velvet ribbons, braid (two types), hooks, sisal cord, artificial flowers, costume jewelry accessories.
Includes: sack, petticoat, hat with a veil, mitts, reticule, earrings, brooch.