Green stripe

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The costume for the game of tennis in the style of the 1880s for Tonner dolls (standard body).
The dress is made of cotton made in the USA from the WORKIN’ THE WEST PANEL collection.
The dress is decorated with linen lace and narrow silk ribbons.
The bodice has a white cotton lining. The bodice is fastened with hooks in the front.
The hat is made of canvas and cardboard. The hat is decorated with lace, reps ribbon, fabric flowers, and wooden beads.
Gloves made of flesh-colored mesh.
Materials: cotton, linen, linen lace, embroidery on cotton, reps tape (3 types), fabric flowers, wooden beads, binding cardboard, cardboard, silk ribbons, mesh, lace with embroidery, hooks, acrylic paints and acrylic lacquer.
The set includes: multi-layer skirt, bodice, knickers, gloves, hat with two pins, earrings, racket.