Lingonberry shades

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The day suit in the style of the 1880s for Tonner dolls (standard body).
The skirt is made of lingonberry-colored jacquard fabric with a black pattern. The skirt trim consists of two types of braid, lace, fur braid, mesh with a floral pattern. The petticoat made of cotton fabric. The petticoat is decorated with cotton lace.
The jacket is made of thick burgundy satin fabric. The trim of the jacket consists of braid, satin ribbons, cotton lace. The jacket with white lining. The jacket fastens with hooks in the front.
The hat is decorated with a mesh with a floral pattern, braid, feathers, brooch.
Materials: jacquard fabric, cotton, satin fabric, lining fabric, mesh with a pattern, satin ribbons, nylon lace, cotton lace (two types), braid (two types), faux fur, feathers, hooks, costume jewelry.
Includes: jacket, skirt with petticoat, tournure, hat, gloves, manto, manto clasp, earrings, brooch.