Tea Rose

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Evening dress in the style of Art Nouveau for Tonner dolls 16″ Antoinette / Cami / Jon.
The bodice is lined with a nude color. The bodice is fastened with hooks in the front. The skirt is fastened with hooks at the back.
The skirt is layered. The skirt is decorated with elements of embroidery on the mesh, braid, beads, lace, and pleated tulle.
Materials: satin fabric, soft tulle, stretch tulle, pleated tulle, mesh, embroidery on a mesh (two types), braid, narrow lace (two types),
silk ribbon, velvet ribbon, satin ribbon, hooks, beads, artificial pearl beads, glass beads, chain, costume jewelry accessories.
The set includes: a bodice, a skirt, two bracelets, two rings, a tiara, earrings, a necklace with a pendant, a necklace, a brooch.